Society of Experiential Trance

~ Society of Experiential Trance ~

the Exclusive Society of Exceptionally Competent Practitioners in the Arts of

Altered States of Consciousness
Focused Trance Thoughtforms

Guided Imagery, Meditation, and
Genuine Experiential Trancework

Local Chapters
Clubs & Practice Groups

Members of the Society of Experiential Trance are encouraged to join local chapters, clubs, or practice groups. If an official chapter is not available in your area, you are encouraged to create one. Check here for more information on formal and informal local chapters.

Members may receive Continuing Education credit for presentation or attendance at official local chapter events or workshops.

For initial chartering of an official SET local chapter - contact the Society for approval.

Charter chapters must have a minimum of five certified members who live in the local area - chapters must meet a minimum of quarterly, most meet on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis (often serving as a skills practice groups or study or skill-enhancement support groups, often following the syllabus of an online course available from the Society or elsewhere) .

Meeting and event calendars must be submitted to the Society and local membership minimum of at least five certified members must be maintained to sustain official chartership.

Official chapters may opt to have information and contact details made available to members of the public in the area searching for chapters to join or members may opt for private chapter registration status.

The Society of Experiential Trance prizes inclusive open community development and so members are strongly encouraged to participate in the various appropriate online discussion forums as well as to form local Chapters of members to meet regularly. The Society strongly encourages members to host regular chapter meetings or events as open to the public when it is possible. While local Chapter practice group members are encouraged to become members in the Society, they should not be considered required to do so (although there must always be a minimum of five local chapter members who are certified members in good standing with the Society.

Members may contact us for more information.

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Society of Experiential Trance : Main Page