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Member Specialization Certification Examination

These are the basic qualifications for specialist certification in Ecstasy Hypnosis
(aka, Ultimate Ecstasy Pleasure Hypnosis Specialist Certification)
with the Society of Experiential Trance.

Prerequisites: In addition to receiving member hypnotist certification, before qualifying for specialist certification in Ecstasy Hypnosis, one must first qualify for and receive Erotic Hypnosis specialty certification.

Some skills required for Ecstasy Hypnosis Specialist Certification are redundant to those required in previous certifications and must be demonstrated within the context frame of the Ultimate Ecstasy Pleasure Hypnosis Specialist for this advanced specialist certification.

Note the required number of demonstrations for each skill in each type of Examination. Live Exams should be scheduled with a Certified Examiner. Please note that Video Exams require that the hypnotist work with a minimum of five different trance partners. See certification guidelines for further information.

Society of Experiential Trance Institute The Online Institute at periodically adds new course offerings for basic certification as well as advanced specialist programs with the Society of Experiential Trance for Continuing Education Unit credit, certifications of completion, professional specialization certification, and much more. This dynamic growing program is poised to expand over the coming years.

For those looking for an intensive review to supplement live training or a distance learning option, the Ultimate Ecstasy Pleasure Hypnosis DVD Package Program includes explanations and demonstrations for the skillsets required for Specialization Certification in Ultimate Ecstasy Pleasure Hypnosis with the Society of Experiential Trance (please note, the video program also contains a number of other methods in addition to the minimum required for SET specialist certification). Additionally, this video program is available via our partner store at or via the direct link at here.

Candidates who have taken a live course with an SET Certified Instructor have one year to finish their Specialist Certification requirements by submitting and passing an exam (live or video). Additionally, if they submit a video examination for evaluation by their instructor, the number of demonstrations required are the same as those indicated in the Course or Live column rather than those indicated in the Video exam column. If they complete their Specialist Certification requirements within one year, then the Specialist Certification is gratis for those who are currently Certified Hypnotist members in good standing with the SET. Those who are not currently Certified Hypnotist members may receive a Certificate of Completion for their course instead, if they are enrolled as non-certified Associate Members of the SET.

Skillset Course
or Live
Video Notes
Phillips Hypnosis Induction 2 3
Dial Deepener Pleasure Variation 2 3
Drinking Finger 3 4
Happy Finger 2 2
Positive State Color Triggers 1 2
Energizer 2 3
Adapting Vanilla Induction to Erotic Context (ex. Staircase Induction) 1 2
Erotic Progressive Relaxation Induction 2 3
Erotic Guided Imagery Guided Content 1 2
Erotic Guided Imagery Open Content 1 2
Arousal Suggestions 1 2
Orgasm Suggestion 1 2
Arousal Trigger 1 2
Orgasm Trigger 1 2
Sexual Personality Overload 1 2
Sexual Post-Hypnotic Suggestions (example: strip) 1 2
When Two Become One 1 2
Hypnotic Bondage without Ropes 1 2
Shapeshifter Eroticatrance 1 2
Furry Fantasy 1 2
Hypnovibrator 1 2
Erotic Synthesia 1 2
Erotic Gaze 1 2
Time Stop Sexuality 1 2
Sexual Personality Replacement 1 2
Erotic Dreamscape 1 2
Hypnotic Venus Butterfly 1 2
Folded Orgasms 1 2
Tarot Trance Ecstasy Context 2 3
Positive Emotional Flood 2 2
Sitting Sway Test (Energy Breathing Hands) 1 2
Solo Ouija Dancing (Music of the Spheres) 1 2
Anchoring Ecstasy 2 3
Positive State Bliss Flood 1 2
Sleeping Stone 1 2
Glass Induction (Relaxation Water) 1 2
Happy Balloons 2 3
Bipolar Emotional Overload Collapse 2 3
Positive Emotional Flood Accelerator (Emotional Snap) 2 3
Positive Energy Cycle 2 3
Energy Induction 1 2
Third Eye 1 2
Trance Identification Doll 2 3
Voodoo Doll 2 3
Inner Hypnotist 1 2
Crystal Happiness 1 2
Spontaneous Qigong 2 3
Phillips Higher Self 1 2
Hypno-Sleep 1 2
Phillips Magick Egg Fairy Dragon 2 3
Phillips Vicarious Experiential Machine Process 2 3
Original Processes or Patterns (Create and demonstrate five wholly new and original erotic hypnosis processes or trance patterns, write them up for publication in the SET Newsletter and possible archival on the forum or webpages (submit both hard copy and electronic versions of the files), and in examination orally explain each process from memory and then demonstrate each with at least two individuals each). 10 (5X2) 10 (5X2)

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